Model Alu E - Elkamet


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Model Alu E - Elkamet

Model Alu E - Elkamet

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We direct our rich offer of spatial letters to companies that focus on the effective promotion of their own image. Our clients' eyes are attracted by light advertising. One of the methods for an effective advertising are illuminated spatial letters and 3D letters. These types of outdoor advertising shows the prestige of the company, so it is worth investing in them. 3D LED spatial letters are a modern and increasingly popular form of visual advertising. The are used for both for external and internal branding, they emphasize the company's prestige and image, becoming a kind of showcase. The high visibility of such forms of advertising means that the investment begins very quickly and the visual effect remains for many years.

We specialize in the production of spatial letters offering many types and methods of finishing. We create 3D letters and signs using modern methods of forming and processing materials. Technology and ingenuity give us the opportunity to do ordinary things in an unusual way. The use of the latest technology of producing 3D letters allows us to make the most elaborated and complicated spatial forms.

For the production of letters, we use a wide range of materials such as: stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, alurapid tapes. We offer a wide range of letters with the possibility of backlighting. Our models are characterized by differentiation in the choice of material from which the side is made. We offer various options depending on individual needs.

The possibility of shaping everything and many production methods allow us to transform any logo into 3D letters. We offer professional and comprehensive help in the project, from the concept through production to the assembly. We adjust the production technology to the individual needs of a given product. Our letters are created using modern methods of forming and processing materials, and thanks to imagination and unlimited ideas, we propose many types of spatial letters. This technology and ingenuity give us the opportunity to do ordinary things in an unusual way. Thanks to the use of modern and innovative methods of forming and processing materials, we create various forms of advertising that will impress you and your clients.

Our letters are characterized by solidity, precision of crafting, strong construction and a wide range of colors. We make every effort to ensure that each of our products has an exclusive appearance and aesthetic finish.

Data sheet

Letter modelModel Alu-E - Very solid, and at the same aesthetic letter dedicated mainly to large formats. Side and back are welded entirely of aluminum. Front is embedded with Elkamet tape. A letter dedicated to large formats - very solid.
Suggested height of letters100 - 200 cm, * due to the small edge of the frame from Elkamet tape, it is recommended that letters above 150 cm are used for more complex shapes
Letters depth60, 100, 120, 160, 3000 mm
Letter sidesAluminum sheet 1,5 - 2 mm/ RAL painting
Letters backAluminum sheet 2 mm - Possibility of RAL painting
Letter frontPlexiglass 3 - 5 mm glued to the frame
Letters' backlightFront (F), Rear (R), Front + Rear (FR)
AdvantagesStrong letter construction, Elkamet tape is available in many standard colors, a welded letter, small edge of the frame

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