Double sided frame 44 mm - 250x100 cm


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Double sided frame on a 44 mm profile in the size of 250x100 cm
Double-sided frame for standing and hanging exhibitions. The standard offer is available with a full edge and a groove for additional elements. It is available in silver, black and white. Widely used in offices and showrooms as an element of decoration and space management through building partition walls. The profile has a double groove for placing fabric on both sides of the frame. Thanks to the accessory sets, any size can be made. After applying the feet, we get a free-standing wall, and after mounting the hangers, a hanging version will be created.

The offered set contains
• a set of aluminum profiles
• a set of necessary corners and connectors
• 2 x textile fabric with a sawn in silicone tape and printed in accordance with the sent graphic design (2 fabrics, because the frame is double-sided)
• flat feet to create a free-standing version or hangers to create a hanging version

Unlimited sizes
Frames are packed in particular elements to facilitate their transport and shipping. When ordering frames in larger formats, when the length of the profiles exceeds the maximum size that we can send - then they are delivered in elements and special connectors are attached to connect the profiles along the length.


  •     we assemble the frame (according to the enclosed instructions) by connecting profiles using the connectors and corners included in the set
  •     we mount the frame to the wall
  •     we plug the textile fabric into a special groove in the profile

The advantages of the stretch system

  • each frame is made to order. Each size can be made to order.
  • easy graphics replacement. You can change it yourself at any time.
  • easy shipping. Because the frame is folded and sent in elements, we can deliver it to any place.
  • simple assembly. The assembly is very simple - our clients deal with it without any problems

System description

The stretch fabric system creates unrestricted surfaces for displaying graphics. The system consists of an aluminum frame and high quality graphics printed on the fabric. The elasticated silicone fabric allows an easy and quick fastening into the frame. Part of the profiles is dedicated to both back and edge illumination. A wide range of profiles for building frames is the advantage of our system. Practically, the Smart Frame is not limited in size, the frames can be narrow, as well as wide and decorative, becoming an aesthetic decorative element. The profiles are connected at 90 ° angle in corners using angle connectors. Longer sections of profiles can be divided and connected with straight connectors. Profiles as standard are anodized and are available in silver, but many of them are also available in black and white. On request, they can be painted in any RAL color.

The profiles have a slot for attaching a silicone rubber to which the fabric is sewn. It is with the help of a silicone rubber that we fasten the fabric on the frame so easily. It does not require any special skills or tools. The polyester fabric, thanks to its elasticity, is perfectly tightened on the frame creating an even and smooth surface.

Graphics are printed on polyester fabric using the sublimation method, which guarantees the highest quality and color saturation even after backlighting.

The stretch fabric system is the ideal solution for the development of exhibition stands, interiors, shop windows and public spaces. It is intended for both wall, free-standing and suspended displays. With this system, you can use many types of textile materials, printed with modern sublimation or latex technology. The lightweight construction and the possibility of changing the fabric without tools and professionals are the undoubted advantages of the system.

The stretch fabric system gives you unlimited possibilities in the arrangement of large spaces. The excellent quality of eco-friendly printing of fabrics by latex and sublimation allows you to obtain graphs completely odorless, which in turn allows them to be used in interiors as demanding and specific as restaurants, SPA salons, medical rooms, kindergartens, hotels. The system can be used as paintings, corridor decorations, graphics in halls and receptions, stretch ceilings, compartments in conference rooms, shop window cladding, information poles, etc. The system can create an arrangement suited to any space.

Data sheet

ProfileFabric stretching profile F44. A popular double-sided profile designed for standing and hanging exhibitions. The standard offer is available with a full edge and a groove for additional elements. Available in silver, black and white.
CharacteristicA popular double-sided profile designed for standing and hanging exhibitions.
Depth44 mm
Weight/meter0,82 kg
Standard colorSilver, black, white
Color optionEvery RAL color
MountingSling or feet
GraphicsOne sided or double sided
ApplicationFree-standing, hanging application
Frame size250x100 cm

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